The Bodhimaya DETOx Retreat

Bodhimaya award-winning luxury detox retreats focus on a highly individualised approach to wellness and health optimisation.

Our highly qualified team of experts are some of the world’s leading authorities on health and wellbeing; they have studied their disciplines at the highest level, have a vast amount of clinical experience and are internationally recognised for their work.

Our detox retreats offer an unprecedented level of care and support. We keep the number of people to a minimum to ensure that we focus all of our energy and attention on helping you achieve your goals.


The Bodhimaya Programmes

We offer a range of programmes to suit your needs; from weight loss, stress management and gut repair to the most advanced rejuvenation protocols available.

We have developed our wellbeing programmes in accordance with the latest scientific advances; all of the recommendations we make are supported by scientific studies and clinical observation.

Our targeted programmes and dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations are built around the exact needs of your body. This approach is far more effective than a generic one-size-fits-all detox retreat.

DETOX Retreat Rest Restore

Our wellness retreats are an opportunity to rest, restore and bring the mind and body back into a state of optimal health. You'll be amazed at how fantastic you feel and look by the end of your stay.