BodhiGen is the world's most advanced, comprehensive, detailed and effective wellbeing programme available. It is widely regarded as the gold standard of Nutritional Therapy and biomarker analysis.

The highly personalised programmes that BodhiGen creates can help you age well, lose weight more effectively, work towards your health goals, support the management of chronic health conditions and promote greater levels of physical and emotional wellbeing.

The Process

BodhiGen uses comprehensive biomarker testing to gather as much information about your body as possible. This data is used to create a nutrition and wellness programme that is completely tailored to your individual biology.

BodhiGen looks at your genetic blueprint, but not in isolation; just because you have particular genetic variation, does not mean that this variation is expressing itself and having an impact on your health and wellbeing. BodhiGen uses a detailed consultation process as well as additional biomarker testing to help us see how your genes may be expressing themselves and effecting the functioning of your body. We are currently the only genetic testing provider in Europe that thoroughly investigates gene expression when creating programmes and making recommendations. 

Your genes are not the only factor that can affect your health and wellbeing. BodhiGen also looks at all of the other factors that can have a positive and negative effect on the body.

The Consultation

The process starts with an initial consultation during which we will look at your diet, past health, present health, family history and other important factors.

Using this information, we will then create the first phase of your programme which tailors your diet and helps you reduce or eliminate harmful foods such as sugar and highly processed food.

The Tests

The collection of your raw genetic data requires a simple saliva sample. The sample is sent to a laboratory which processes the sample and collects the raw genetic data for us to analyse.

Additional biological testing looks at your nutritional status and a large number of other significant biomarkers. These tests require a urine sample and blood draw. You can find out more about functional testing here.

The Analysis

It takes around 5 hours to complete the analysis of your test results, sometimes longer, depending on the complexity of your case. You can find out more about our unique system of analysis here.

The Results

Once the analysis is complete, we will organise a consultation – at the Bodhimaya Clinic or via Skype, to take you through the results and your unique BodhiGen Programme.

It takes 4 weeks to process the results and create your programme.

You can find out more about the results here.