Genetic Analysis, gene expression and other factors

The genetic component of BodhiGen looks at your unique SNPs – Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms. SNPs are genetic variations that can affect the way we respond to our environment, the way we react to our diet and lifestyle, the functioning of our body and mind and how we develop illness and disease. BodhiGen looks at the most meaningful SNPs that research has shown can effect your health and wellbeing.

Most importantly, BodhiGen looks at how your genes may be expressing themselves. To see if a particular genetic variation is expressing itself and having an impact on the body, we need to look at past health, present health and family history. We do this thorough a detailed consultation process, additional biological testing and hours of analysis.

BodhiGen also looks at all of the other other factors that can effect your health to provide a detailed insight into the functioning of your body. 

We are the only comprehensive biomarker analysis in Europe that follows this complex process.

Other wellness focused genetic and biomarker tests offer computer generated unscientific recommendations with an ineffective and incomplete analysis of the data. They do not look to see if the gene is expressing itself and they do not look at all of the factors that can effect your health. These reports do not offer a meaningful analysis of your biological data and are essentially worthless.