Harley Street Nutrition, Weight Loss, Anti-Ageing, Meditation and Stress Management Clinic

Harley Street

Our team of award-winning wellness experts offer Nutritional Therapy, Functional Medicine, genetic testing, weight loss, meditation, stress management and advanced anti-ageing protocols at the Bodhimaya Clinic on Harley Street.

Bodhimaya Award-Winnng Luxury Wellness, Detox, Yoga, and Meditation Retreats


Our award-winning luxury detox, yoga, meditation and wellness retreats focus on an highly personalised approach to wellness. Driven by the latest scientific advances, our immersive and transformative wellness experiences will leave you looking and feeling incredible.

BodhiGen Genetic Testing is used to create highly bespoke wellness, weight loss and anti-ageing programmes

Advanced Biological testing

Using comprehensive genetic testing, functional testing, consultation and hours of analysis, BodhiGen is the world's most advanced biological and genetic wellness programme. BodhiGen is designed to help you optimise your health and wellbeing by creating a highly personalised programme that is built around your unique biological data.