With an award-winning team of wellbeing experts including a Michelin-star-level chef preparing your juices, soups and meals, this is no ordinary juice fast.

The Bodhimaya Juice Fast offers you a science based three-phase programme that supports your body’s natural detoxification and rejuvenation processes. 

Many of us over indulge, don’t eat as well as should, work too much, stay up too late and put our bodies under too much stress. This leaves us feeling tired, sluggish and unhealthy.

If you have gotten into bad habits then a juice fast is a great way to reset your system. 

Fasting is not just about losing weight, research shows that short fasts trigger a huge number of physiological and metabolic changes that are beneficial for the body and support rejuvenation. Even if you are in perfect health, a tailored fast can help you find greater levels physical and emotional wellbeing. Built on the latest advances in rejuvenation science, the Bodhimaya juice detox will leave you feeling and looking fantastic by the end of your stay.

Each juice cleanse is tailored to an individuals needs and is suitable for beginners right through to those who are more experienced with detox retreats. If you are new to fasting then don't worry, most of our guests have never done a prescribed fast before. Tailored fasting is safe, much easier than you think and you'll be amazed by the results.

We recommend our Functional Food Programme for those that would like to have three meals a day for the duration of the retreat.


Phase One – Your Bespoke Three-Day Juice Fast

During this phase we give you three individually tailored juices a day and a delicious soup in the evening. This phase of the programme gives your body a break from solid food, floods your system with targeted nutrients and triggers a huge number of positive metabolic and genetic changes.

Phase Two – The Introduction of Functional and Healing Foods

Once the three days the juice cleanse is complete, we will introduce three health meals a day into your diet for the remainder of your stay. 

This is an incredibly important and often overlooked phase of the fasting process. Food must be reintroduced slowly and in a particular way in order to maximise the benefits of the process.

The meals you will enjoy on this phase of the programme are carefully designed to help restore the levels of good bacteria in your gut, support optimal health and carefully rebalance the delicate ecosystem of the body.

All of our food is delicious, gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free, sugar-free, anti-inflammatory and highly nutritious.

Phase Three – Your Bespoke Wellbeing Programme

At the end of your stay you will be given a long-term wellbeing programme. This will outline what foods, supplements and lifestyle choices will help you build on the benefits of the retreat and continue your journey to optimal health.


The Juice Detox Programme includes:

– 3 x Individualised Juices and one evening soup each day

– 2 x consultations with your Nutritional Therapist

– A tailored supplement programme to support the body's natural detoxification process

– Daily yoga and meditation classes including yoga asana to suppport the detoxification process

– One-to-one consultation with your Mind and Meditation Expert

– Daily hikes

– Daily talks including nutrition, wellbeing, the mind, stress management and cooking demonstrations

– Your long-Term wellbeing plan

Suggested testing:

– Comprehensive Nutritional Evaluation

– The BodhiGen Genetic Analysis