A Note on Self-Love - Say Yes to the Mess


You are human. There is weakness, darkness and trauma running through every part of you, accept and embrace it; let this darkness see the light of your kindness and compassion.

Stop pushing the parts of yourself that are painful, that you don’t like and that you don’t want others to see, into a dark deep hidden abyss within you, never to see the light of day. All that happens when you do this is that your shadows get dark, bitter and twisted.

You are imperfect and that is how you were made to be. The human experience is an experience of duality - of limitation, weakness, pain and suffering, as well as strength, love, joy, peace, compassion and all of the other positive aspects of life. Be brave enough to experience all of it - the totality of the human experience. Don’t try to escape the darkness; bring the light of wisdom and compassion to the darkness instead, to the darkest parts of yourself. Love them. Set them free.

Please remember: You are a courageous warrior with battle scars who has been on a long and arduous journey. You are NOT a victim. Do not be afraid of pain and suffering or of your own shadow. Do not spend your life running away from darkness. Stand up and face life. All of it. You are stronger than you will ever know.

If can allow yourself to accept your shadow, you soon see that even your darkness is there to support you, to help you grow wiser, kinder and stronger. There is nothing to be afraid of. Life is helping you discover what you are capable of, it is carving and sculpting you into the best version of yourself. So work with it. Stop resisting and running away. Let it all come up. Learn from it all. Let it all flow over you. Surrender to it all. Let your shadows come into the light. Say yes to this glorious mess.

The words are by Bodhimaya Founder Cornelius O'Shaughnessy and the illustration is by John Bauer

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