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Bodhimaya is internationally recognised as one of the world's best restorative wellbeing experiences. Our retreats have been reviewed by influential publications, appeared in the world's most respected spa guides and won a Conde Nast Spa Award. 

Financial Times How To Spend It - A review of the Bodhimaya Wellness Retreat

HOw to spend it

"We are a small, disparate band of burnt‑out health-seekers: a young female British lawyer, an Irish restaurateur, various executives, a boyband member, an Olympic swimmer and a fashion forecaster who eats only raw food. We are like guests at a country-house party; it’s Agatha Christie on juice."
Evening Standard magazine yoga meditation

Evening Standard Magazine

"The six-day detox retreat at Bodhimaya is devised to tackle the modern day burn-out epidemic head-on using a combination of gentle Eastern philosophy and cutting-edge science. In its dual approach it represents a new frontier for wellness.
The Bodhimaya Award-Winnng Luxury Detox,  Yoga and Meditation Retreat has won the conde nast spa award.

CONdè nast traveller

"By the end of the week there is a collective feeling that something has changed: skin looks clearer than it has for years, minds are calmer. This is no flash-in-the-pan fix - you'll feel the benefits for months to come."
Tatler review of the BodhiGen Programme on the Bodhimaya Health Retreat


“The result? A lighter, enlightened and gluten-free you”
Porter review of Bodhimaya Health Retreat


“An unparalleled transformative experience is the lofty promise made by Bodhimaya, and it is a promise that is wholeheartedly kept… the last few days days felt like walking on air and, indeed, a new beginning.”
Aventura Detox Retreat Review

aventura magazine

"Bodhimaya’s meeting of Eastern philosophy with science-based nutrition is favored by celebrities, professional athletes and the overworked elite for whom a beach holiday doesn’t make a dent in personal rejuvenation."

Spears Review of the Bodhimaya health and weight loss retreat


"When a spa is too public or impersonal, it’s time for an exclusive wellbeing retreat with people you know and trust."
Review of the Bodhimaya weight loss, wellbeing and anti-ageing retreat


"Together the siblings present the perfect balance of yin/yang to restore wellness, and in their expert hands we felt well-taken care of."
A review of the Bodhimaya Health Retreat in Blouin Art Info

Blouin Artinfo

"The transformative program combines yoga and meditation with a scientific approach to nutrition. Apart from the health benefits, guests are treated like royalty"