The Bodhimaya Gut Repair Programme identifies factors that may be having a negative impact on the digestive system. We then support gut health through targeted recommendations: dietary, supplement, stress management and lifestyle adaptions that optimise gut function.

The health of our digestive system plays a crucial role in our health and the development of illness and disease. Each day there is more and more research showing that the health of our gut is important for disease prevention and health optimisation. With conditions from auto-immune disease to depression showing a gut connection, it is essential that we begin to prioritise the health of our digestive system.

This programme is ideal for those who suffer with a wide variety of digestive disorders, mood imbalances and health concerns, as well as those who simply wish to optimise the health of their digestive system.


The Gut Repair Programme includes:

- Your choice of a juice detox or three healthy meals a day

- Juices and meals designed to support gut health

- The Gut Repair Supplement Programme

- 2 x Nutritional Therapy consultations with your Nutritional Therapist

- Bone Broth X - our enhanced bone broth gut repair preparation(vegetarian alternative available)

- Daily yoga and meditation classes including yoga asana to optimise gut health

- One-to-one consultation with our Mind and Meditation Expert

- Daily hikes

-  Cooking demonstrations and daily talks on nutrition, wellbeing, the mind and stress management

- The At Home Gut Repair Protocol and your long-term wellbeing programme


Suggested testing:

- Digestive and gut analysis looking into parasites, pathogens, gut bacteria and digestive health.

- Cyrex Food Intolerance Testing

- The BodhiGen Genetic Analysis