Personalised nutrition, authentic meditation, movement and an unparalleled amount of support are the four pillars of our award-winning approach to physical and emotional wellbeing.

“An unparalleled transformative experience is the lofty promise made by Bodhimaya, and it is a promise that is wholeheartedly kept. The last few days days felt like walking on air and, indeed, a new beginning."

Porter Magazine

Bodhimaya is a pioneer in personalised wellness. Our science-backed programmes are renowned for their ability to support and rejuvenate the mind and body.

Our highly personalised approach to nutrition is regarded as the gold standard of Nutritional Therapy. We have won both a Condè Nast Spa Award and Tatler Spa Award for our comprehensive and bespoke approach. 

As well as expertise, we also have a genuine passion for helping people optimise their health, deal with their health issues and find greater happiness and wellbeing.

The quality and effectiveness of what we offer and your experience on retreat is important to us and at the heart of everything we do.


“Apart from the health benefits, guests are treated like royalty”

Blouin Art

Whether you want to lose weight, cleanse your body, rejuvenate, manage stress or simply relax and find greater physical and emotional wellbeing, Bodhimaya will help you achieve your goals and discover optimal health. 

We promise that your journey with us will be an enlightening and transformative experience.