While all of our retreat programmes offer yoga classes, Yoga Focus is for those who want to intensively focus on yoga during their stay.

The practice of yoga not only helps to keep the body fit and healthy, it also helps us to develop a calmer and more balanced approach to life. Yoga retreats allow us to fully experience the benefits of this practice.

Yoga's cleansing, purifying and life-changing benefits are magnified and complemented when built into a holistic mind and body retreat experience.

Bringing our awareness to the body as we move though a variety of poses, yoga gives us the time and space to get to know our body, work with it, develop its capabilities and learn to respect its weaknesses. Regular practice can help us release years of built up physical and emotional tension.

Research has shown that yoga can help us manage physical and emotional health conditions, reduce blood pressure, stabilise blood sugar, decrease inflammation and improve our response to stress.

Our yoga retreat programme offers twice-daily yoga classes – a more challenging class first thing in the morning and a restorative class in the evening.

All ages and levels of experience and fitness are welcome; our retreats gently introduce beginners to yoga and also offer those who are more experienced the time and space to deepen their practice. Each day our yoga expert will be on hand to give you all the support you need as your explore this life-changing practice. With only a small number of guests on each retreat and access to one-to-one yoga consultations throughout your stay, we will build your yoga programme around your level of experience, fitness and mobility.


The Yoga Focus Programme includes:

– Your choice of a juice cleanse or three healthy meals a day

– Juices and meals to support physical and emotional wellbeing

– Daily yoga and meditation classes

– 2 x consultations with your Nutritional Therapist

– 2 x yoga one-to-one classes

– Daily hikes

– Cooking demonstrations and daily talks on nutrition, wellbeing, the mind and stress management

– Your long-term wellbeing plan

 Suggested Testing

– Comprehensive Nutritional Evaluation

– BodhiGen Genetic Analysis