The Rejuvenation Programme is a holistic approach to rejuvenation that uses fasting and targeted nutrition to enhance the body’s natural rejuvenation processes.

Research shows that fasting can cause stem cell migration, rejuvenate the immune system, reduce the negative impact of chronic disease and positively affect metabolism and gene expression.

The Rejuvenation Programme is tailored to suit your needs. The programme can focus on extending gaps between meals (intermittent fasting), a gentle juice fast or on an intensive juice fast for advanced rejuvenation.

This programme is ideal for those who wish to optimise their health and age well. It also focuses on adopting an anti-inflammatory diet, weight management and on minimising the negative effects of stress.


The Bodhimaya Rejuvenation Programme includes:

- Your choice of a juice detox or three healthy meals a day

- Juices and meals designed to support and enhance the body's natural rejuvenation processes

- 2 x consultations with your Nutritional Therapist

- The Rejuvenation Supplement Programme

- Daily yoga and meditation classes

- One-to-one consultation with our Mind, Meditation and Stress Management Expert

- Daily hikes

- Cooking demonstration and daily talks on nutrition, wellbeing, the mind and stress management

– Your long-term wellbeing and rejuvenation plan


Suggested testing:

– Comprehensive Functional Testing

– The BodhiGen Genetic Analysis

– Telomere testing to discover biological age