The Bodhimaya Mind and Stress Management Programme offers a deeply holistic approach to dealing with stress.

Cornelius is the Director of the Bodhimaya Mind and Stress Management Programme. He has studied Eastern philosophy and meditation for over 20 years and is renowned for his unique and highly effective approach to stress management.

The Bodhimaya Mind and Stress Programme focuses on identifying the causes of stress and on helping someone change the way they view their problems, themselves and the world around them.

This approach to stress and the mind has been used for thousands of years to deal with the root cause of suffering and liberate the mind from negative patterns of thinking and behaviour.

You'll feel completely relaxed at the end of your stay. You will also have a much deeper insight into your mind and the tools to manage stress more effectively when you return home.

The Mind and Stress Programme also looks at diet, exercise, nutrition and gut health, all of which play a key role in our emotional wellbeing.
The Mind and Stress Management Programme includes:

- Your choice of a juice cleanse or three healthy meals a day

- Juices, meals and programme adaptions that support neurotransmitter balance, optimise brain and gut health and promote relaxation

- The Mind and Stress Support Supplement Programme

- Daily yoga, meditation and Eastern philosopy classes to optimise emotional wellbeing

-  2 x consultations with your Nutritional Therapist

- 2 x consultations with our Mind, Meditation and Stress Management Expert

- Daily hikes

-  Cooking demonstrations and daily talks on nutrition, wellbeing, the mind and stress management

-  Your long-term wellbeing and stress management plan
Suggested testing:

- Comprehensive Nutritional Evaluation

- Neurotransmitter Imbalance Analysis

- Adrenal Stress Test

- The BodhiGen Genetic Analysis