The Bodhimaya Mind and Meditation Programme is a logical, insightful and deeply transformative approach to the mind.

The programme focuses on helping us understand how the mind works and on identifying the root causes of stress and suffering. Using ancient wisdom and modern scientific observations, the programme radically shifts our perfective of ourselves, our problems and the world around us. 

Each morning and evening, after yoga, there are talks on the mind, meditation and Eastern philosophy, followed by a deeply restorative meditation. 

Cornelius, the Founder of the Bodhimaya, teaches the Mind and Mediation Programme on each retreat. He has studied Eastern philosophy and meditation for over 20 years and is renowned for his unique, grounded and highly effective approach. 

You will find your retreat an enlightening experience, whether you are looking to de-stress, learn about the mind, manage depression and anxiety more effectively or simply enjoy the deep relaxation that you are left with. 

Our retreats also focus on diet, exercise, nutrition and gut health, all of which play a significant role in our emotional wellbeing.