Our Nutritional Therapists are some of the world's leading weight loss experts.

Tailored to suit the needs and goals of the individual, the Bodhimaya Personalised Weight Loss Programme builds a weight loss solution that is right for you, your body and your lifestyle. Science has shown that low-fat, calorie counting and generic weight loss approaches are not as effective, are often unhealthy and are less likely to provide a lasting weight loss solution.

The Bodhimaya Personalised Weight Loss Programme focuses on the adoption of a highly tailored diet, moderate exercise, self reflection and effective stress management to help you return to and maintain a healthy weight.


The Bodhimaya Weight Loss Programme includes:

– Your choice of a juice cleanse or three healthy meals a day

– 2 x consultations with your personal Nutritional Therapist

– Juices, meals and programme adaptions to optimise weight loss

– The Weight Loss Supplement Programme

– Daily yoga and meditation classes

– One-to-one consultation with our Mind, Meditaiton and Stress Management Expert

– Daily hikes

– Cooking demonstrations and daily talks on nutrition, wellbeing, the mind and stress management

– Your long-term weight loss plan


Suggested Testing

– Comprehensive Nutritional Evaluation

– Hormone Panel

– Adrenal Stress Test

– The BodhiGen Genetic Analysis