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Date of birth
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Important Symptoms
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Family History
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Healthcare Providers
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I have disclosed all the relevant information applicable to the retreat, the consultations I will have and my health status at this point in time. I consent for the information provided to be used by my Nutritional Therapist and where necessary other Bodhimaya Experts, and for them to liaise with appropriate health professionals where necessary.
I understand and acknowledge that Bodhimaya and the Bodhimaya Experts are wellbeing professionals and NOT doctors or medical professionals. Bodhimaya does not give medical advice, treatment, diagnosis or cure any condition. Bodhimaya is ONLY focused health optimisation and on helping you manage your health more effectively by providing educational information on diet, supplements and lifestyle recommendations. You must always discuss any recommendations with your doctor and ensure they agree with any course of action.
If you have any medical issue you must consult your doctor immediately. Bodhimaya is not a subsitute for medical advice. You must also consult your doctor and ensure that it is safe for you to make dietary changes or embark on any juice fast, tailored cleanse or any other Bodhimaya Programme, Bodhimaya Retreat or act on any of the recommendations made by any of our experts.
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