"Burnt-out high-flyers are turning to Provence retreat Bodhimaya for a hardcore health overhaul that combines nutrigenomics and fasting with eastern philosophy and meditation."

Financial Times - How to Spend it Magazine


"The six-day detox retreat at Bodhimaya is devised to tackle the modern day burn-out epidemic head-on using a combination of gentle Eastern philosophy and cutting-edge science. In its dual approach it represents a new frontier for wellness."



“An unparalleled transformative experience is the lofty promise made by Bodhimaya, and it is a promise that is wholeheartedly kept… the last few days days felt like walking on air and, indeed, a new beginning.”



"By the end of the week there is a collective feeling that something has changed: skin looks clearer than it has for years, minds are calmer. This is no flash-in-the-pan fix - you'll feel the benefits for months to come."

Condè Nast Traveller