Bhupinder reviews the World's best detox retreat, the world's best yoga retreat and the world's best meditation retreat.
“The retreat was a complete re-education for me – body, mind and soul. I felt like someone hit the reset button and set me on the path to living the healthy, mindful and fit lifestyle I wanted. I didn’t think there was anything particularly wrong with my health and lifestyle so the retreat was a real awakening.
I loved the food tips and the one-on-one sessions, I loved losing a few kilos, I loved that my lower back pain from long days sitting at a desk went away after the third day and I love how much fitter, lighter and supple I feel. A big thank you to the Bodhimaya team!”

B. Grewal

Olivia reviews Bodhimaya, the Award-Winnng Luxury Detox Retreat, Luxury Yoga Retreat and Luxury Meditation Retreats. The World's best detox retreat,
“I have noticed recently that I seem to be getting better in many ways since the retreat; my digestive issues are diminishing, my skin is better, I am sleeping better,I am less anxious and I have a much more focused mind.”

O. Addison