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Cornelius has studied the meditation and Eastern approaches to the mind for over twenty years and is regarded as an authority in this field. During your appointment Cornelius will speak with you about your life and any issues you may be experiencing. Cornelius will give you insight from his own personal experience and from the perspective of Eastern philosophy. Consultations with Cornelius are not a substitute for medical advice. Cornelius is NOT a doctor, psychotherapist, psychologist, psychiatrist or medical professional. Cornelius does not treat, cure or diagnose any condition. Cornelius does not give medical advice. If you would like help with any medical condition you MUST seek medical advice. If you suffer with depression, anxiety or any mental or emotional health concern you must speak to your doctor. You must ask your doctor if meditation and Eastern philosophy are appropriate for you. Your doctor or a qualified medical professional is the only person that can treat, diagnose or cure a health condition and give medical advice *