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In today’s world we are bombared with chemicals, stress, poor diet and technological overload. This puts an incredible amount of stress on the body which in time develops into illness and disease. The Bodhimaya retreat is the perfect way to redisover balanced living. It gives us the time and space to relax, restore ourselves, reevaluate our choices and make long-term dietary and lifestyle changes that support physical and emotional wellbeing.



The Bodhimaya Method is a highly effective, science backed and highly personalised dietary and lifestyle prescription for optimal health. Using the most advanced scientific developments in rejuvenation science together with the ancient wisdom of the East, Bodhimaya Method is the antidote to the physical and emotional stress of modern life.

Striping away all ideological views about diet and the mind, Bodhimaya Method is centred on a logical, scientific and observation based apporach to the mind and body. Bodhimaya Method reflects the science avaiable this very moment - not last month, last year or from a belief about what food or apporach to the mind we should take.

The six pillars of The Bodhimaya Method are:

• Therapeutic Fasting

• Highly Personalised Nutrition

• Eastern Philosophy and Meditation

• Yoga

• Physical Activity

• Lifestyle Adaptions


There is no natural intervention that science knows to be more effective for rejuvenation than theraputic fasting. 

Fasting is at the centre of our approach. We aim to trigger physiological and psychological changes and optimise physical and emotional wellbeing through fasting protocols that are

There are degrees of fast that we offer depending on your desire to fast, wellness goals and health. This could be a personalised juice fast or simply lengthening the time in between your meals. You can choose either option. You can also let us advise you which option is better suited to your needs.

Fasting is much easier than you think. The body is designed to frequently go into a fasting state, in fact, the body functions better if it is regularly given a break from food.

There are certain health conditions which mean you may not be able to do a juice fast, but for most people the gentle and highly effective Bodhimaya Juice Fast is benefical, easy to do and will leave feeling fantastic . Please ensure that you inform us of all medical conditions before you begin your programme and do check with your doctor that a fast is suitable for you.


The Benefits of Fasting

These are just some of the benefits of fasting.

Gene expression

Longevity and disease prevention genes are activated. There are thousands of genes that are effected by fasting and we are still only just begining to understand the resorative potential of using fasting to manipulate gene expression.

These genes include SIRT1, SIRT3 and CRTC, well-known genes that promote longevity, are involved in protective cell responses and reduce inflammation.

Human growth hormone

Science shows that by fasting we may be able to increase Human Growth Hormone to as much as 5 times its usual level.

Human Growth Hormone stimulates growth, cell reproduction and cell regeneration. It is the repair and grow hormone. It increases muscle, reduces fat and increases energy and libido.


Science shows that fasting induces cellular repair by breaking down and metabolising dysfunctional proteins inside the cell.

brain and nerves

Stuides show fasting reduces oxidative stress, inflammation and insulin in the body, which supports brain and nerve health.

Research also shows that the level of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor also increases when we fast. Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor has been shown to prevent the death of existing brain cells, support neurogenesis - the growth of new neurons and supporting cognitive function. Low levels of BDNF have been linked to Alzheimer’s disease, accelerated aging, poor neural development, neurotransmitter dysfunction, obesity, depression, and even schizophrenia.

Weight management

Research shows that fasting decreases insulin, increases growth hormone and boosts our metabolism, helping us to maintain a healthy weight.

Inflammation reduction

Studies show that fasting can reduce inflammation-causing cytokines which play a key role in the development of illness and disease.

Cardiovascular support

Science shows fasting has a positive impact on blood pressure, cholesterol, blood triglycerides, inflammatory markers and blood sugar, all of which benefits the heart and the cardiovascular system.


Many people do not understand detoxification. Some think the body doesn't need any help to detox itself, while others think that you can rid the body of poisons and toxins with juices or supplements.

The truth is that the body has its own inbuilt detoxification system. Juices and supplements are not designed to purge the body, but rather support the body's natural detoxification process.

The Bodhimaya Method eliminates anything that may be having a negative effect on your body and supports the body's natural detoxifcation process with fasting and targeted nutrition.


We offer a variety of programmes that are all modified and adapted to your needs.

The foundation of each programme is personalised nutrition, yoga, Eastern philosophy, meditation and either the Bodhimaya Juice Fast or our Food Based Programme.

Our experts will advise which programme is most suited to your needs. You can find more information about each programme on the links below.

The Juice Fast

The Functional Food Programme

Gut Repair

Stress and Burnout

Bodhimaya Wellbeing

Advanced Rejuvenation

Yoga Focus


Our Detoxification and Rejuvenation Programmes will help you to:

• Find relief from chronic health problems such as digestive issues, chronic pain, arthritis,

autoimmune problems, depression, anxiety & inflammation

• Lose weight in a healthy and manageable way

• Balance hormones

• Optimise cardiovascular health

• Adapt to stress

• Promote balance of the immune system

• Promote healthy respiratory function

• Optimise performance of the reproductive system

• Enhance digestion and the assimilation of nutrients

• Promote physical and emotional wellbeing


We offer a variety of optinal tests to help us create your wellbeing programmes. We can use these in addition to the consultation process to further your retreat and long-term wellbeing programme. Testing can be done at any time prior to or after your retreat.

Testing is especially useful for those waht to know as much as they can about their body, want to optimise their health in the most effective way possible or those suffering with conditons which may benefit from in-depth analysis and a highly individualised nutrtion programme.

Functional Testing

Functional Testing looks at physiological function instead of just looking for the presence of disease markers.

We use a variety of tests which can give us a deep insight into the functioning of the body.

Some of the areas we can investigate include:

Toxicity and Detoxification
Cardiovascular health
Digestive Analysis
Methylation Status
Viral Testing
Cardiometabolic Testing


BodhiGen is the world's most advanced, comprehensive, detailed and effective wellbeing programme available and is widely regarded as the gold standard of Nutritional Therapy and nutrigenomic testing.

BodhiGen uses genetic and comprehensive functional testing to gather as much information about your body as possible. This data is used to create a nutrition and wellness programme that is completely tailored to your individual biology.

The highly personalised programmes that the BodhiGen Analysis creates can help you age well, lose weight more effectively, work towards your health goals, support the management of chronic health conditions and promote greater levels of physical and emotional wellbeing.

you can find our more information about BodhiGen here




If you suffer with a health condition, you should always consult your doctor before you embark on a retreat or any of our wellbeing programmes. Always follow your doctor’s advice. Our programmes are not a substitute for medical intervention and we do not provide medical advice. The Bodhimaya Method, Functional Testing, BodhiGen and all of the techniques, practices and information you will discover before, after and during the retreat are designed to help you optimise your health and not to diagnose, treat or cure any condition. You must check all of recommendations we share with you with your docter before you act on them. We will not work with anyone who is ignoring their doctors advice.