A Note on Self-Love - Radical Self-Love & Self-Acceptance


We spend our lives chasing romance, thinking that the love of our life will fill the void within us, but they don’t.

At some point, we have to look in the mirror and start loving what is there - our body, our mind, our past, our peculiarities and our strengths and weaknesses.

At some point we have to choose the road of radical self-acceptance and compassion for ourselves, otherwise we spend our lives living as a shadow, as a ghost wondering through life looking for validation and wholeness.

The truth is - you are already whole. You are already enough. You are already perfect as you are.

Society has fed you a lie - that you need to be prettier, thinner, wealthier, have the perfect partner, the perfect job and that you shouldn't feel loneliness, emptiness, suffering and grief.

Our sick society makes you out to be something less than you are - a weak person, in need of validation, terrified of losing at the game of life and drowning in a sea of unfulfilled desire. You are not this.

You are a human being. Deserving of love. Not in a million million miles of this planet, in any direction, can we find anything like you. You, your mess, your imperfections, every bit of you the wobbles and every moment of your life, is sacred.

Go and look in the mirror. Today is the day. Go and make peace with yourself. End this war with yourself. Start the inner revolution today. Stop seeking validation, from today. Love yourself better, from today.

You are life that has evolved to become conscious of itself. You are literally, the embodiment of life in human form; the universe made conscious. You are a miracle. Wake up.

Go to the mirror. Look at what is looking back at you, at what is behind those eyes. Enough with playing small. Today is the day you wake up, make peace with yourself and step into your greatness


The words are by Bodhimaya Founder Cornelius O'Shaughnessy and the painting is Falling Star by Witold Pruszkowski.

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